What the classroom can be

Creating an innovative classroom is easier than you think with Boxlight Mimio.


Whole Class Learning

Every Boxlight product is designed to put students at the centre of the educational environment, so they’re more engaged, more collaborative, and more motivated. When classroom technology is at its best, it doesn’t get in the way.

Deliver great instruction and have multiple students work together on a brilliant,4K UHD 10-touch display.

The Space to Teach, Collaborate, and Learn! Create an expansive 32-touch area with Touch 360° interactivity.


Turn your existing whiteboard into a touchboard using your classroom whiteboard, projector and computer.

Collaborative Learning

Collaboration empowers students to work together. Our classroom software and app facilitate collaboration and help students develop critical thinking skills and build their knowledge across all curricular areas.


Powerful collaboration and classroom assessment software that allows you to create your first interactive lesson in under five minutes.


Collaborative Learning. Formative Assessment. Easy Setup. Use your classroom devices for collaborative and one-to-one learning.


Redefining how lessons are created & delivered to modern classrooms. Ximbus is a teaching app designed for Google and Microsoft Schools.


STEM is of critical importance to students – it enables them to build the essential skills they need to be successful. Students learn most effectively when teaching reflects the real world. Using science to solve everyday challenges helps students gain a deeper understanding.


Enquiry-based learning has never been so easy! Labdisc can go anywhere, without complicated experiment setup.


Take all the wonder of interactive lessons and activities, and launch it even further with high-definition pictures and live HD video.

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